Ryan Fitzpatrick “Fitzmagic” Has Propelled Tampa to a Great Start! 

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a career journeyman quarterback. Often times he plays well and gets the starting nod only to seemingly disappear from the spotlight and move to a different team. Could this time be different? His play has spoken for itself and the hope is that he avoids injury and continues to give the Tampa coaching staff a reason to think about their quarterback situation. For those of you that watched the game last night you may have noticed both his knee brace, his heavily taped ankles and high top shoes. The ankles in particular are an incredibly vulnerable area in football with players constantly falling on each other, therefore most players use a combination of high top cleats and tape to try to stabilize the ankle and prevent injury. Mr. Fitzmagic is trying to prevent an ankle sprain or worse to keep things rolling, however if you don’t have a professional athletic trainer to tape your ankles, and have an injury what should you do?!

By far the most common ankle injury in sports is an ankle sprain, which can be painful for a month or longer. At Healthy Feet Podiatry we specialize in all foot and ankle injuries, and with in office digital X-rays we are able to quickly diagnose a sprain vs. a break of a bone and get patients started on the road to recovery quickly! Ankle sprains typically affect two or three ligaments on the outside of the ankle causing a large amount of inflammation and pain. Stability is key in the immediate aftermath of an ankle sprain (and to prevent them in Fitzpatrick’s case), along with anti-inflammatories. We also commonly use regenerative medicine techniques to expedite a patients healing and get them back to full activity much faster! Super pulsed laser, Platelet rich plasma, and ozone therapy are all beneficial in speeding up the healing process significantly!

During your evaluation by our team of doctors if there is a break to the bone, or conservative therapy fails we are also well versed in the surgical correction of both chronic ankle sprains, and ankle fractures! So if you find yourself to be unable to prevent an ankle sprain or break, call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry for your same day appointment, and get started on your recovery fast!

Dr. Bret Brennan