Should I Buy Dr. Scholls Inserts?

Dr. Scholls inserts have created a great advertising campaign to convince you that you need their “arch supports”. Is it wise to rely on a booth in a store to diagnose and treat your foot pain? I think the answer is clearly, NO!

What is so amazing about Dr. Scholls inserts?

They are simply an off the shelf, non-custom packaged insert. They are generic and made for the masses all over the world. I would call it more of a cushion. If you can bend them with your hands then your body weight will flatten them and you will be getting no support at all.

You are convinced that you are somehow getting a custom device by using their “foot mapping technology” also known simply as a foot print. These products are not custom and there is no worthy science behind the technology. They don’t evaluate your injury, they don’t truly evaluate your foot structure and they don’t understand the motion of your foot with walking. These are all critical to healing your foot and to making a custom orthotic. That is what your podiatrist will do for you.

For minor problems, Dr. Scholls inserts may give you some partial or temporary relief and padding. However, there is no substitute for seeing a podiatrist if you have foot pain. Your feet are very important and must last you a lifetime!

These Dr. Scholls inserts may seem like a good idea and they are counting on you being desperate and in pain and they are promising rapid relief without really knowing your true foot problem. So you drop 50 dollars for an item that is likely worth several dollars and made in another country.

I recommend that you do it right the first time. See your podiatrist and get the proper custom orthotic for your diagnosed foot or ankle condition. Custom orthotics last for many years and are well worth the investment for you to walk without pain. You deserve to get relief from your foot and ankle pain.

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