Skier Lindsey Vonn Fractured Her Ankle

Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn fractured her ankle during her training in New Zealand. The thirty year old posted a picture of her injury on instagram and is currently taking a break from training.

Most people after fracturing their ankle would spend their days on the couch with their foot elevated. But not Miss Vonn. The picture below shows Vonn performing her TRX suspension exercises while in a fracture boot.

Ankle fractures during skiing are quite common since the forces on the ankle are so high. The ski boot itself acts as an area of high pressure since there is very little give to the boot. The ankle and leg press against the inside of the boot with high amounts of pressure and this force is enough to cause a multitude of injuries to the lower extremity. In Vonn’s case her injury was a result of a crash. Vonn is a very fast skier and has historically reached speeds in excess of 80 mph. It is no surprise that the crash resulted in a fracture of her ankle.

If Miss Vonn’s ankle bones were widely separated by the fracture then surgical intervention would most likely be utilized.  Surgical interventional would involve a combination of screws and plates to hold the fracture fragments together.

The correction of the ankle alignment is crucial in preventing future arthritis.  Fortunately Vonn will not have to endure the pains of surgery. According to the media the skier will continue conservative care in combination with physical therapy. Vonn will be confined to her fracture walker for 4-6 weeks and will most likely undergo vigorous physical therapy to regain her full range of motion and muscle strength.

The skier is not unfamiliar with battling injuries. In 2014 the gold medalist injured her knee and underwent ACL/MCL surgery. Soon after, she bounced back and won the gold medal at the World Cup downhill in Alberta, Canada. Vonn will be participating during this years World Cup season which starts October 24th.