Swollen Legs

Hello, my name is Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr. of Advanced Podiatry and I’m here today to talk to you about swollen legs.

Swelling in the legs can be caused by a variety of disease states. Most often, it’s caused by a disease called venous insufficiency. This is where the anatomy of the veins, specifically the valves fail to keep blood and fluid out of the legs. These one-way valves are supposed to keep the fluid away from the legs after it is pumped out of the leg itself.

An easy way to remedy this or at least to help the symptoms is to wear compression stockings. [00:00:46] my patients who do have chronic swelling of the legs really benefit from wearing compression stockings but the most common complaint is getting them on.

So, donning devices were made specifically to help one put on compression stockings and they have a wide variety of types of donning devices. The one that I like to use is a metal frame that you place the sock over which opens up the sock to easily allow your foot and ankle to be put into the sock itself.

This device is very cost-effective, it’s $20 or $30 on Amazon and it is a very effective tool for getting your socks on. If you have any questions regarding compression stockings or swollen legs, please do not hesitate to call us at 813-875-0555 and make an appointment today to see a podiatrist and we can discuss options to help with your swollen legs.

The typically symptoms that the patients will have are swollen legs obviously, tightness, fatigue, pain, varicose changes meaning discolorations in the skin or when they can see the superficial veins. Things of that nature. But the most common complaint is tightness or heaviness to the legs which does not treat the patient well because it just is a nuisance when attempting to walk around on a daily basis.

So, again, the number is (813) 875-0555 or you could visit us on the web at www.thetampapodiatrist.com and view our blog site where we have several articles regarding swollen legs and venous insufficiency.