Tampa Podiatrist Talks About Fall Prevention!

What is fall prevention?  This podiatrist is focusing on preventing the cause for one-half of accidental deaths in the elderly! Falls. As our population ages, more seniors suffer from balance issues that can end up in falls, injuries, broken hips and lengthy hospital and rehab stays. This is a problem that can be prevented, improving quality of life and avoiding costly medical care. Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist, has implemented a fall prevention program in his practice.  The fall prevention program consists of an assessment, walking aids, physical/occupational therapy, supportive shoes and Moore Balance Braces.  This comprehensive program includes education as well and has a major positive effect on unstable seniors.  In some cases, people with diabetes may have neuropathy that can lead to imbalance and this can also be addressed with this program. Podiatrists are one of the key players in helping seniors prevent falls and disability.  Dr. Katz recommends that you call your podiatrist today for help to improve your balance.  In addition, a thorough exam may reveal other foot and ankle problems that can be treated. Dr. Katz can be reached at his Tampa practice.