Tampa Foot Pain, Heel Pain and Arch Pain

As the summer is upon us, many of you are getting outside and exercising more.  This causes an increase in foot pain, heel pain and arch pain.

While increasing activities you may experience increases in these types of foot pain and in many cases they will resolve with some basic treatments at home such as stretching, rest, ice and proper supportive shoes.

However, many of you will not be able to kick you foot, heel or arch pain.  So what do you need to do next?  I recommend that you see the ultimate foot and ankle expert, a podiatrist.  There is no better trained specialist for you all foot and ankle pain, injuries and other problems.

Many of you may be tempted to stand on a machine and get inserts for your shoes or go to stores that promise pain relief in practically every part of your body.  While these options may seem to be helpful, you risk not being diagnosed by a podiatrist for the proper diagnosis prior to treatment.

So what does this mean for you?  It means that you are being treated by someone that is not an expert and is not qualified to diagnose your problems.  I think you would agree that treating a condition without a diagnosis is risky.  I often see patients that have not had the proper diagnosis and their treatment course is prolonged and difficult

Think about it this way.  You want to stay active and your feet need to last a lifetime!  So treat you feet, arches and heels with the best possible treatment available. 

You deserve the best feet, not just good feet. See you podiatrist for early treatment.  Your podiatrist can do an exam, perform some basic tests and give you a diagnosis.  Then a safe treatment plan can be implemented.  Using their expertise, podiatrist can then make you a custom molded arch support or orthotic device for your foot pain.  Treatment of the arch and heel area with an orthotic arch support can often relieve you knee and back pain as well.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, call Dr. Marc Katz, Tampa Foot Doctor, for the best possible treatment available.  He offers the most advanced treatments for all foot, ankle and lower leg pain in the area.  Trust the best and call today!