Tampa Fungus Toenail Laser

As the laser toenail market is heating up, discovering the very best remedy for your fungal nails may be baffling. There are numerous varieties of lasers, a wide range of doctors and numerous claims that can be confusing. You will notice a wide range of charges for laser toenail treatment. Many prospective people are tempted to go for the most affordable fee however that will not be your smartest option. Dr. Marc Katz, a Board-Certified Tampa podiatrist talks about one of the best therapy accessible right now and gives his opinions regarding laser options. Dr. Katz makes a point of giving his patients and potential people wanting treatment all the information necessary to make an knowledgeable treatment choice.

So where do you begin if you want to have the laser therapy? Well, Dr. Katz has completed much of the research for you! After conducting his own analysis over the past number of years he chose the CoolTouch laser. There are a number of lasers on the market and he selected the CT3 plus zoom 1320nm laser which allows for the most powerful, flexible and safest treatment. Other lasers that did not make the list included Pinpointe, Noveon, K Laser, Palomar Lux, Aerolase, Fotona and other lasers that operate with a wavelength of 1064nm or have a double wavelength around the 800 and 900nm range. Dr. Katz found these to have much less power and affinity for the nail tissue. Also, he felt these lasers did the not have the user-control versatility he discovered in the CoolTouch laser. He felt there were few safety options compared to the CoolTouch.

After using the CoolTouch, Dr. Katz planned to reinforce the therapy by altering the therapy protocol. He has adjusted the numerous laser settings to take advantage of two methods of fungus death. The primary is by heating the nail, which is a typical method utilized by many different physicians. For his second step in furthering the success rate for his sufferers, Dr. Katz researched strategies of fungus destruction by altering the genetics or DNA of the actual fungus. He optimized the laser variables based mostly on his studies, offering his sufferers two methods of destruction and the perfect results.

However, not satisfied, Dr. Katz took the treatment even further offering an even better advantage to his patients. He developed his own personal antifungal liquid formulation used during the treatment which improved the laser’s capability to transport the ingredients within the liquid deep into the nail and nail bed where the most resistant fungi typically reside.

Dr. Katz has pioneered other remedies like cryosurgery for foot pain and consistently strives to move therapies like laser to a new level. In the case of laser toenail fungus remedies, Dr. Katz clearly has the best remedy here in the Tampa Bay area. He even has patients coming from from different states to reap the benefits of his distinctive laser protocol. You’re only a google search away from studying the many posts written by Dr. Katz discussing his treatments.

So the success of your laser remedy not only relies on the kind of laser, but additionally on the innovation of the physician providing the treatment. All laser treatments aren’t created equal. That is why Dr. Katz shines above the rest.

In terms of cost, you possibly can shell out more or less for your treatments, but your best bet is to go with the foremost board-certified physician in Florida that developed his own superior treatment protocol utilizing the CoolTouch laser. Dr. Katz has priced the remedies reasonably to allow more patients to gain access to this revolutionary technology.

Author Resource:- Dr. Marc Katz is a Tampa podiatrist that focuses on superior technologies and treatment for the Tampa area. In addition, Dr. Katz offers compassionate care for all foot problems in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater