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Dr. Marc Katz, of Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, developed a novel comprehensive treatment plan for toenail fungus 5 years ago, ToeLaze Complete or TLC.  He still uses the same principles but continues to make amazing changes to improve your results.  At Advanced Podiatry we have treated thousands of people and have done over 9000 treatments.  Only trust the best and the most experienced!

You cannot find a more comprehensive treatment program.  Whether you’ve tried topical medicine, oral medicine, toenail removal or have failed with other lasers, we have a treatment plan for you.

Tampa Laser Toenail Restoration Institute continues to provide amazing results:

We treat your nails and skin with TWO different lasers. We are the only doctors in Tampa Bay using 2 different lasers to treat your infections. We use a Cooltouch 1320 laser in combination with a Diowave 980 laser. These work by destroying fungus with completely different methods enhancing your results.

We help you rid your skin of fungus that can cause reinfection, we treat your shoes with the proven Steri-Shoe. and we develop a individualized maintenance plan for each person

Five years ago, Dr. Katz coined the term “Pro-Toe Fungal Hygiene” and he likens this to the dental hygiene model currently used in dentistry. In both cases you are fighting infections that can keep coming back. So “Pro-Toe Fungal Hygiene” is essential to your success for long-term results.

Dr. Katz presented his years of experience and this maintenance model to a large group at a Top Practices conference in Las Vegas several years ago.

The Treatment

  • Laser treatment with 2 different types of laser
  • Skin treatment
  • Nail treatment
  • Shoe treatment
  • “Pro-Toe Fungal Hygiene” Individual Maintenance Program
  • Anti-fungal nail polish
  • Specialized proprietary compounded medication
  • Prescription or Natural anti-fungal pills

Dr. Katz’s protocol involves treating your nails, skin and shoes to become fungus free and prevent recurrence of the infection.

This is a team effort.  Dr. Katz has developed the most comprehensive treatment protocol available for you.

We will guide you on what you need to do to optimize your success.  We recommend that you avoid pedicures and only use our nail polish products that are free of harmful chemicals and have natural and traditional anti-fungal medicine.

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