Tampa Podiatrist, Alec Baldwin & Pre-Diabetes?

You must be thinking, what an odd combination!  Well the three are closely related.  Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist, counsels patients each day in his practice about pre-diabetes, diabetes and their relationship to foot and general health.

Katz notes that sometimes it takes a famous person like Alec Baldwin to make people aware of important life changing medical conditions.  Baldwin was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and became aware of the serious consequences of his condition.  Katz notes that pre-diabetes and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions with 79 million Americans having elevated blood sugars.  These elevated blood sugars are the precursor to type II diabetes, a limb and life threatening disease.  The podiatrists sees these patients on a daily basis for regular and prevention.  However, all too often patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes are not as lucky as Alec Baldwin.  They end up with infections that can lead to loss off toes, feet, legs and even death.  Many also have kidney and eye problems as well.  Neuropathy can cause loss of sensation and lead to falls.

With all of the education out there, people are still eating way too many carbohydrates and drinking soda with high fructose corn syrup.

Katz notes that these are direct ticket to the front of the diabetes line.  When you are told that you are pre-diabetic, that should be the wake-up call.  Start dieting and reduce weight, increase exercise and avoid simple sugars, simple carbohydrates and start eating more high quality protein.  Also get serious about portion control, says Katz.