Tampa Podiatrist: CDC Amputations Falling Dramatically

The CDC has announced the falling rate of lower extremity amputations in those with diabetes.  There are so many factors involved but I want to tell you about Podiatrists being one of the major players.

Podiatrists have made it their goal to do everything possible to prevent foot and leg amputations.  This is the big feather in their cap.  Each day podiatrists participate in the Medicare shoe program to prevent amputations.  Podiatrists are key players treating ulcers and taking pressure off of the foot and not just giving up and amputating feet or legs.  They are a major component of the limb salvage team, saving peoples limbs and lives while saving the healthcare system millions of dollars.

Visit your podiatrist today to have your feet checked if you have diabetes.  And if you have any foot infection or ulcer, don’t wait.  Your podiatrists can change your life!


Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist helps his patients prevent amputations on a daily basis.  He is committed to improving the lives of those with diabetes.

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