Tampa Podiatrist Discusses Advanced Options For Heel Pain Relief

So, you have heel pain.  It hurts in the morning and after rest.  You’ve been through all of the stretches and orthotic therapy and have been to see one or many podiatrists.  Now months have gone by and your doctor tells you that you need heel surgery.  Your stomach drops as you have no time for surgery and have heard mixed results on the success rates.

Well the good news is that you have other advanced options that are non-invasive and can help you avoid surgery of the heelDr. Marc Katz uses ESWT (shockwave), aka Radial Wave therapy or EPAT combined with an advanced cold laser therapy system.  Katz notes that he has had excellent results with this combination treatment for heel pain.  He is the only podiatrist in the area to develop such a successful and unique protocol to give his patients relief.

Check out Dr. Katz’s website for more information and see his website dedicated to this novel approach to heel pain.

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