Tampa Podiatrist discusses Will Yeguete’s Broken Foot: Blow to Florida Gators

Florida Gators Will Yeguete has  a fracture of his foot.  The Gators are now going to have problems without the depth of the bench and may not make it to the Southeastern Conference and NCAA tournaments.  But UF coach Billy Donovan has beaten the odds before with substantial injuries in the past to 3 of his starters.

Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist notes that he sees many fractures in athletes at all levels.  In addition, many people develop stress fractures from regular activities.  In some cases, Katz notes that severe injuries result in soft tissue damage to tendons and ligaments without damage or fracture to the bones.   Many patients will end up with heel pain, heel spur or plantar fasciitis and these are some of the most common problems seen in Dr. Katz’s practice.
To diagnose a fracture a regular x-ray is often sufficient.  In many cases, an MRI or CT scan may be used to diagnose fractures and soft tissue injury.