Tampa Podiatrist Says That Evan Longoria Has Got Some Nerve!

The Tampa Bay Rays, Evan Longoria went through last season complaining of some minor foot pain.  He went on to score 31 runs in 133 games.  That’s pretty awesome for aninjured player with an apparent “minor” injury.  Little did we know that Longoria was suffering from significant pain without telling anyone, such nerve!  It became so neglected that he eventually required surgery in the off-season.
The pain that he suffered was the result of Morton’s neuroma.  The pain may start off minor but left untreated pain can become debilitating.  Many describe the pain as burning on the ball of the foot,  sharp radiating pain into the toes or even cramping and burning in the toes.  Relief often comes from removing the shoe and rubbing the foot followed by an application of ice.
So what can you do if this describes your foot problem?  Don’t wait like Evan Longoria.
Your podiatrist can help with first diagnosing the problem often using ultrasound. Treatments may include arch supports, anti-inflammatories and in some cases injections.
Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist recommends surgical nerve removal as a very lastoption.  He prefers foot cryosurgery for neuroma, a technique that he has refined over the past 7 years.
Here at Advanced Podiatry, we have the expertise to solve your foot pain.
So if you have a neuroma, call Dr. Katz to schedule an appointment and he will get you in immediately to get you back on your feet without pain.