Steven Tyler Cannot “Walk This Way”!

Steven Tyler has foot pain and deformities!The energetic singer, Steven Tyler,  ran around the stage in funky shoes for years, singing songs like “Cryin” and he wasn’t kidding.  His feet were in pain.  Recent photos revealed that Tyler has many crooked toes also known as hammertoes.  In his case the toes are overlapping leading to other foot problems and pain.

It was revealed that Steven Tyler has long suffered from pain associated with an enlarged foot nerve referred to commonly as Morton’s neuroma.  For this reason, he decided that he could no longer, “Walk This Way” and he then joined American Idol.  Of course we all know that while Steven Tyler is having trouble Walking this way, he can certainly “Talk This Way” thus his fame and unique contribution to Idol. So what can be done for some of these problems?  Curled toes or hammertoes can feel better in wider and deeper shoes but to make them straight again requires some type of surgery.  Surgery can consist of a minor tendon release that can be done in the office or bone surgery done in an outpatient hospital setting. There are many conservative treatments for a foot neuroma.  Basics consist of orthotic arch supports, anti-inflammatories and sometimes injections in the office.  In more resistant cases, an advanced minimally-invasive office procedure known as cryotherapy is an excellent option.  Only a small number of trained cryosurgeons do the procedure in the US.  More invasive procedures include nerve removal.

Well, you may not be a famous star like Steven Tyler but many of you can relate to foot deformities and foot pain and how they affect your daily lives.  Foot pain is one of the most common reasons for discontinuing activities and work-out routines leading to weight gain.  This then turns into a vicious cycle and many people become depressed so they can no longer continue the basics. So while it might seem that it’s only a foot or toe, the consequences are far reaching. If you suffer from foot pain, don’t wait.  Call Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa for an immediate appointment.