Tampa Podiatrist tells YOU what cured his heel pain!

Well here’s a brief story that may sound too familiar. So, I put on a little weight and started to have some heel pain. I would wake up in the morning and had heel pain when I got out of bed! I had a great solution, I would exercise to take off the weight and my heels would feel better. Sounds logical, right? So, I eagerly started my exercise routine and wow was I surprised! Not only did my heel hurt worse, now I couldn’t exercise to take of my weight. Now what?

I can help you. You may have heel pain like I had and you want to get rid of it. Just like me, you want to avoid surgery and injections if possible. Well, I have some good news. I got rid of my heel pain with custom orthotic arch supports and EPAT therapy. And I now you can have the same relief!

So, EPAT stands for Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology. It is similar to shockwave or ESWT therapy. This treatment requires no anesthesia and is done in the office. The bottom or back of the heel is pulsed with waves of energy that stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. The treatment causes increased blood flow to the area bringing cells to repair the painful heel area. In addition, the treatment signals the body that the heel area needs attention and healing. And one other benefit is accomplished by numbing of nerves in the heel. The pulses stop the automatic firing of nerves that the body has been producing for months finally helping with pain relief.
With this non-invasive procedure and orthotics, you can get your life back and do the activities that you desire.
If you’ve had heel pain and treatments just aren’t working, call my office so that I can help you with this great advanced treatment.

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