Dr. Katz Develops a New Laser Treatment Protocol to Destroy Toenail Fungus.

Look no further, Dr. Katz uses the most advanced laser technique in the Tampa Bay Area to get rid of your fungal toenails. While there are other lasers and other physicians performing laser fungus removal, none compare to Dr. Katz’s expertise and experience using advanced technology.

Dr. Katz has published many articles based on his extensive research into laser toenail fungus treatments. As a result, you will be getting the best treatment available anywhere in the extended Tampa Bay area. Do a Google search on Dr. Katz and see many of his published research articles.

Dr. Katz chose the CoolTouch laser as he believes that it is superior to other lasers on the market. However, the great benefit to you is his advanced laser technique that he developed after extensive research and trials. Dr. Katz is known for his ability to take treatments to the next level by developing his own well researched protocols.

There are many variables in your treatment. The fungus is destroyed by heat and also by exposure to mid-infrared light. When settings are optimized this light causes inactivation of the genetics or DNA of the fungus. Dr. Katz developed this unique treatment protocol adding great benefit for the patient.

You can only have this advanced laser toenail fungus treatment with Dr. Katz. If you are ready to have your toenail fungus removed, have it done by the best!

Regular Treatment Cost $900. Call Now Special Pricing! Costs include 2-3 treatments.

Treatment for 1-5 toes is now $550.

The optimal treatment is now $750 for all 10 toes.

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If you have a Flex-Spending Account, an HSA or an HRA your treatment would qualify for use of healthcare savings dollars.

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