The Big Game

The Big Game has come and gone with the New England Patriots beating the Atlanta Falcons in thrilling fashion, 34-28 in OT. Every year, NFL teams endure 20 plus weeks of bone jarring tackles and a laundry list of injuries. So it’s understandable that both teams hobbled into the Super Bowl. Literally. A quick glance at both team’s injury reports showed a few players who were in the hands of a good foot and ankle doctor!

Julio Jones, arguably the Falcons best playmaker, has been limited by a toe injury since missing 2 games in December. He was still able to put up an impressive 2016 campaign with 83 catches for 1,409 yards and six touchdowns. He helped propel his team to the Super Bowl with an impressive performance, catching nine passes for 180 yards and scored two touchdowns in a 44-21 win against the Green Bay Packers. His turf toe injury was first reported back in early December and got re-aggravated again in January during a game. Turf toe is a sprain of the ligaments surrounding the big toe joint. It happens most commonly when the toe is hyperextended too far up or is jammed against the ground. Symptoms include pain and swelling around the big toe joint that is exacerbated by pushing off with the big toe. So virtually every football movement makes it hurt. Despite all this, he was still able to haul in 4 passes for 84 yards including a couple of highlight reel worthy catches against the Patriots.

Even more impressive is the Falcon’s center, Alex Mack who suited up and played on a broken ankle the whole entire game. Even crazier is that he broke it on January 22, 2017 – only 14 days ago! For any other person, you stay off and rest it in a boot for 6-8 weeks. But I guess when you’re playing for the sport’s biggest prize and football immortality, you suck it up and give it your all! That and if you’ve got a $45 million dollar football contract, which is exactly how much Mack signed for this past summer. Give me a million bucks and I’ll play on two broken ankles!

If you’re reading this, it’s very unlikely you played in the Super Bowl this past weekend. Which means that if you have any aches, breaks, or sprains – don’t fight through the pain and let one of our doctors treat you. We know you don’t have to worry about getting tackled by a big 300 pound lineman, but we do know you still got to go to work everyday or be ready to pick up the kids at a moment’s notice. Call our office today at (813) 875-0555 and make an appointment for all your sports injuries.

Oh, and congrats to Tom Brady on his 5th Super Bowl win! As an envious Bucs fan, I hate you but I sure do respect you.

Have a good week,
Dr. Binh Nguyen