The Mission May Not Be Possible: Tom Cruise Breaks His Ankle

While filming a stunt for the upcoming film Mission Impossible 6, Tom Cruise unfortunately injured himself while performing an aerial stunt. Cruise was harnessed and rigged up for the stunt but when jumping from one building to the next he landed with his ankle in a tilted position. The tilted ankle position is most likely the main cause of the ankle fracture. When a person lands with their ankle positioned improperly it places a lot of stress on the ankle ligaments and bones. If enough force is applied the ligaments may tear and bones may fracture. If the force is great enough even a high ankle fracture can even occur. The typical treatment for healing an ankle fracture is either casting or surgical fixation. If the fractured bones are far enough apart then it may be necessary to place the bones back into place and hold them together with plates and screws. If the bones are minimally displaced then a cast will suffice. Tom Cruise is refusing some treatments with regards to Western Medicine since his religion has certain stipulations on how to treat these sorts of injuries. Hopefully for Tom’s sake, the fracture site is not too severe.

To help prevent fractures of the ankle one must wear proper supportive shoe gear for the specific activity. More times than not a fractures occur when the individual is wearing improper shoe gear such as sandals or flip flops. These types of shoes offer little to no support of the ankle and can increase the chances of an injury during physical activity.

Tom was unlucky that he suffered this injury but he at least has some wholistic treatment options. If his healing is delayed then he could consider platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP is a technique where the patient’s blood is harvested, centrifuged, and injected back into the patient. The growth factors in the blood separate out during the centrifuge process and are then drawn up into a syringe. The growth factors are then injected into the site of injury. By increasing the growth factors to the injured site, the body is able to heal faster.

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