The Pains of Pokémon Go – Protect your Feet!

I have recently encountered a plethora of Pokémon induced foot pain, and I feel I must educate the public on this pandemic.

Pokémon Go can be harmful to your feet. Going from no activity to high activity increases the chances of developing foot pain. This phenomenon does not only apply to adults, but to children as well. New foot pain that I see in my office is typically a result of a new exercise program like P90X. P90x is an excellent program, but again if you go from couch to P90x you may encounter pain all over your body. Prancercizing seems like a safe form of exercise but too much of anything could result in bodily harm.

Okay Pokémon trainers if you Gotta catch ‘em all then follow these simple steps.

  1. Wear supportive shoes:
    Wearing a shoe that has a supportive arch and appropriate heel cushion is the easiest way to avoid developing foot pain. We as bipedal creatures, strike the ground with our heel first and then roll over our forefoot. This means that the cushion to our heel absorbs the initial shock when walking and the supportive arch allows us to roll over the forefoot with ease.
  2. Compression leg sleeves:
    A lot of patients that come in are also complaining of pain to their shins. This is called anterior tibial stress syndrome (shin splints). This pain can occur when walking for long periods of time especially when the body is poorly conditioned to prolonged physical activities. Proper shoes can decrease the stress to the shins but one can also use compression leg sleeves to help alleviate the pain. There are a wide variety of compression sleeves to choose from, and of course you can personalize them with your team color.
  3. Stretching Your Legs:
    Stretching, while rarely done, is something that I beg my patients to do. The reason for this non-compliant nature is because stretching, in my opinion, is very boring. BUT, it is very helpful. So, since the advent of smart phones we should be able to stretch without falling asleep because we can now stream Dexter while performing yoga. If you feel so inclined to stretch before Pokémon hunting then I would try the following stretches pictured here ->

If you are currently in pain try these easy remedies…

  1. Icing to the site of pain (20 minutes – 3 Times a day)
  2. Stretching (At least 3-5 times a day)
  3. Anti-inflammatory (Advil/Motrin/ibuprofen, Aleve) Please consult your physician before taking any medications or supplements.
  4. Walk less and rest more.
  5. If in despair and you must continue to hunt…Purchase a Segway

Be careful out there Pokémon trainers and Go Catch ‘em All!

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