The Pokemon Go Hype

This past summer, Pokemon Go fever swept the nation. For those who have been living underneath a rock, it’s a smart phone app that requires you to walk around in the real world to catch virtual Pokemon. Regardless if you think it’s dumb or not, it has mobilized thousands if not millions of an otherwise sedentary population. According to Niantic, the maker of Pokemon Go, players have logged a total of 8.7 BILLION kilometers and counting. In freedom units, that’s approximately 5,405,929,372 miles! To put that in perspective, that is over 200,000 times around the earth. It would take a commercial airplane over 1,000 days of non stop flying to cover the same distance

The hype has cooled down but with a new wave of Pokemon recently released, players are firing up their phones again to explore the world. On behalf of all the doctor’s at Healthy Feet Podiatry, we would like take this time to remind all new and avid players to take the proper precautions while running around and catching Pokemon.

As the top Pokemon Go playing podiatrist in the world (until proven otherwise), I’ve seen several injuries first-hand as a result of the game ranging from badly sprained ankles and broken toes. Most of the time it’s from people looking down at their phones and not being aware of the their surroundings. This leaves you highly vulnerable to mis-stepping into ditches and stubbing toes into curbs. In extreme cases, there have even been reports of people walking into oncoming traffic! It’s no surprise that there’s a warning to be aware of your surroundings once you open up the app.

As with any activity, always take the proper precautions and watch your step! Here at Healthy Feet Podiatry we recommend wearing good shoes with custom orthotics whenever doing anything that involves extensive walking such as Pokemon. People generally develop aches and pains when picking up a new hobby and over exerting themselves in a short amount of time. It is best to ease into any activity slowly as your body adapts to the changes. Orthotics and well cushioned shoes help you make the transition to exercising a lot more pain free. They redistribute any abnormal forces against your foot and protect it from potentially dangerous terrain. If you have a pre-existing condition, heed your doctor’s advice and allow your foot to rest. Those Pokemon aren’t going anywhere so let your body heal properly.

Foot issues have a tendency to linger if not properly treated. If you develop any foot pain as a result of new activity or have a pre-existing condition that just isn’t going away, come in for an exam by one of our experienced doctors. Call and make an appointment today at 813-875-0555. And remember, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!