They did what to his leg!

Before you make an appointment with any podiatrist, ask yourself first if they’re a Healthy Feet Doctor.  We guarantee you that we will never make you use your foot as a head rest.  You’re probably thinking to yourself – no doctor would ever make anybody do that. Wrong!

This past month, pictures and video emerged from India showing a man using his own amputated foot as a pillow.  Details are still murky as to why doctors and staff used the limb to prop up his head.  What we do know is that the patient initially got severely injured in a school bus accident.  This caused him to be transported to the hospital where he eventually received his amputation.

There are close to 200,000 amputations each year in the United States.  Trauma, such as the one above, accounts for 45% of them.  The main culprit however is diabetes which makes up over 50%!

For diabetics, missing limbs are an all too unfortunate reality.  In people with advanced diabetes they are at high risk for developing ulcers and sores on their feet.  Without proper treatment, these lesions can become infected leading to eventual amputation.  One of the main things that puts diabetics at high risk is microvascular disease.  Blood carries the essential nutrients to heal wounds.  However if the blood flow is impaired as it is in diabetics, this slows down the healing process.  The longer a wound stays open, the higher the chances it will become infected.

Diabetics are not the only ones who are prone to getting complications.  Anybody taking a blood thinner such as Coumadin or Plavix is also at high risk of increased bleeding and infection if they cut themselves.  It’s a lot easier to prevent problems than to fix them.  That is why it’s important to come in to get a full examination by one of our podiatrists.  Let us be the judge if something doesn’t look right.  The worst thing you can do is sweep your problems underneath a rug and hope that they go away.

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