Tim Tebow Sprains His Ankle

Tim Tebow’s road to the major leagues hit a slight bump in the road over the weekend. The greatest college football player of all time injured himself after stepping on a sprinkler head on Sunday morning. This resulted in a slightly sprained left ankle that’s being described as a “minor injury.” He is listed as day-to-day on injury reports and was limited to just batting practice with a well taped ankle. Team doctors expect him to be back to full speed in a few days.

The Gator great has been pursuing a career as a baseball player after an illustrious career as a football player. Last season, he completed his first season of professional baseball in Port St. Lucie – a small city 3 hours east of Tampa. He appeared in 126 games while batting .226 with eight home runs and 52 RBI.

Most ankle sprains, like the one Tebow suffered, usually self resolve within a few days. However if the ankle pain is severe and persists, we recommend coming in for an examination.

First line treatments include the usual: resting, icing, compression, and elevation. All ankle sprains should undergo some form of physical therapy to prevent another ankle sprain. Studies show that without strengthening the ligaments that are injured, there is a 50% chance of twisting your ankle again in the future.

In conjunction to traditional therapy, you can use regenerative medicine to improve and speed up the healing process. Several professional athletes often turn to these modalities to get back on the field faster.

Super pulse laser therapy is a non-painful, non-invasive option that stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the injured area. It drastically reduces swelling and decreases the need to take any unneeded meds.

Ozone therapy is a safe and natural variation of oxygen. This is directly injected into both chronic and acute injuries to increase the metabolism of oxygen. This in turn promotes more oxygenation to the area which provides the cells and nutrients necessary to heal.

If you don’t have the God given powers of Tim Tebow and can’t recover as fast from an injury, we have the next best thing – the doctors of Healthy Feet Podiatry! We will tailor a treatment that is right for you! Call us at (813) 875-0555 for an appointment today.