Toe Injuries can be a Crushing Defeat!

A patient recently presented to our clinic who unfortunately lost a battle with his laptop. His laptop slipped from the table top and landed directly onto the tip of his second toe. He knew right away that his injury was quite severe and that medical attention was needed. When the patient came into the office the toe looked very much traumatized. My first concern was the possibility of an opening in the skin which could lead to a bacterial infection of his bone. So, the patient’s toe was anesthetized and his damaged nail was removed. There was a small opening in the skin which did not look infected. The area was flushed with sterile saline and a dressing was applied to the area. The patient was prescribed an oral antibiotic for prophylaxis of any bacterial infection. The patient returned one week later with decreased pain, less swelling, and healing of the wound. A surgical shoe was given to the patient so that he did not apply pressure to the toe.

Surgical intervention is not warranted at this time because the bones should consolidate with time. Offloading the foot and not bending the toe are crucial to the treatment plan so that further displacement of the bones does not occur. Toe fractures of all varieties are very common and the doctors of Advanced Podiatry are well versed in foot trauma. We see everything from ankle fractures and heel fractures, to small stress fractures. We utilize quality offloading boots with pneumatic compression so that your injury may heal without having to be on crutches. We know that life must still go on after an injury and we can provide you with the most effective treatment for your ailment without stopping your life. If you or a loved one suffered an injury of any kind to the foot and ankle please do not hesitate to call us at (813) 875-0555. We usually get trauma patients in the same day so call today!