ToeLaze Complete (TLC): The Ultimate Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Treatment!

Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist has done it again. First he developed the CryoMax procedure for nerve destruction to relieve foot pain. The procedure is known throughout the US, Canada and many other countries. Now, Dr. Katz has developed the ToeLaze Complete procedure, also known as the TLC procedure!
Dr. Katz started with one of the safest and most effective laser in the industry, the Cooltouch CoolBreeze CT3 Plus Zoom. He then developed an advanced three staged procedure that provides patients with removal of toenail fungus and the absolute best laser toenail fungus results.
Katz explains that most physicians use the laser with typical protocol and settings and treat the nails using heat to destroy fungus. He notes that toenail fungus is highly resistant to treatments and that is why topical medications don’t work and even strong oral medications have a low success rate. The oral medications can also cause liver damage, loss of taste, stomach problems and other ailments.
When having a treatment, many different areas of the nail and nail bed require intense treatment. The most resistant area is the skin of the nail bed. Dr. Katz notes that it is not just the surface of the skin but the fungal infection is within the actual skin layer. This is often the same infection that causes athlete’s foot. Most laser and laser protocols do only a fair job of penetrating this layer and treating long enough to kill the fungus. Other areas that carry the infection include the actual nail plate itself and the nail surface. Nail discoloration with dark yellow, brown and black is a result of infection extending through the nail and attached to the nail bed. The surface fungus will often look white and be at the base of the nail and along the sides, the nail grooves. So the problem is multi-faceted and requires a well thought out protocol for optimal results.
Dr. Katz had developed the ToeLaze Complete (TLC) Procedure over time based on his extensive research and vast experience with patients. He has refined the protocol and it will likely continue to evolve over time.
Dr. Katz has developed 3 major components for his TLC Procedure. The first is the typical raising of temperature to kill the fungus. This is usually the only mechanism that the typical laser treatment will provide. It is Dr. Katz’s strong belief that the treatment must go well beyong the heat mechanism and must address all layers of infection within the nail and the nail bed. So, he has developed a method of altering setting within the laser to penetrate the nail, nail bed surface and nail bed skin evenly with heat making sure to provide the optimal amount of heat to all of these areas. Most laser protocols are fairly random and static and provide uneven heat to some layers and not others.
The second component involves the use of the actual red light laser beam to cause photoinactivation of the fungus leading to the destruction of the genetic material of the fungus. This can only be accomplished through prolonged exposure to the laser beam with settings altered to again evenly and completely affect all layers. This is done through multiple passes over the nail with significantly different setting for each pass. Dr. Katz believes that this mechanism provides a much greater amount of fungal death and the inability of the fungus to reproduce and reinfect the nail.
The third mechanism is truly unique and allows particles within a solution to penetrate into the the nail plate and into the actual nail bed skin layer. Katz has personally formulated the solution and notes that the particles penetrate by a mechanism known as photophoresis. This mechanism allows the anti-fungal particles to penetrate into the most resistant layer killing the hardiest fungus that hides in the deep layers.
It is easy to see that the TLC Procedure takes a simple laser technique and elevates the laser treatment to an extraordinary procedure with superior results. This is a technique that seperates Dr. Katz from other Laser Toenail Fungus providers.
While there is no absolute cure for toenail fungus infections, Dr. Katz’s TLC Procedure is the closest you will get! In addition, there are excellent maintenance options to prevent recurrence of fungal infections. Katz states that in very severe cases some patients have infections deep within the base and growth area of the nail and may require nail removal followed by the laser treatment still using the TLC protocol.