Top 3 Super Bowl Ads of 2018

I have to say that this Super Bowl was one for the books! The trick plays, missed field goals, and perfectly executed sacks are going to be forever highlighted for years to come. My hat goes off to the Philadelphia Eagles for their perseverance in achieving the title World Champions! But if you are like me, a Chicago Bear’s fan, then you really just watched the game for the commercials and the halftime show.

Here are my top 3 Super Bowl commercial picks:

#1 Fire Doritos and Ice Mt. Dew

I am a fan of both Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot so to have Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip-sync to these timeless songs is hilarious! This by far is my top pick.

#2 It’s All The Tide Ads

This commercial is just genius. You can’t help to think about Tide while you watch all the other 5 millions dollar commercials. The marketing geniuses behind this commercial will forever be remembered.

#3 This is Getting Old – E*Trade

“Day-OH! DAYYYY-OH! I’m 85 and I wanna go home.” This commercial is hilarious because it’s true! I teach a financial class at my church and this is a very big problem for our soon to be retirees. The commercial is humorous but it also forces people to think about retirement now as opposed to later in life.

I hope you have enjoyed my top 3 Super Bowl Commercial Picks. Please share yours on our Facebook page so that we can all enjoy in the laugher!

Best Regards,
Dr. Cruz