Treating warts with…beetle juice?!?

You’re treating warts with WHAT?!?

Beetle juice, of course!

That’s right, I said beetle juice. The formal name is cantharone or cantharidin, and it comes from the green blister beetle. It has been used in China for more than 2000 years in traditional and folk medicine, and Europeans, including Hippocrates, have used it to treat various conditions since 100 AD. Cantharone has been used to treat warts since the 1950s, and I’ve been using it for years, with excellent results.

The procedure is very straightforward. You come to the office because of a painful spot on the bottom of your foot, which hurts especially when you squeeze it from side to side. I take a look, trim some of the dead skin to make sure it’s a wart, make a little pad right around it to make sure the medicine stays in place, dab some beetle juice on the wart, and cover it up. That’s it. No needles, no cutting, no surgery, no waiting 10 minutes for the numbing medicine to kick in, and best of all, no pain! Not that day, at least. It’s simple, it’s very quick, it has a high success rate, and patients are generally happy with the result.

I caution my patients beforehand, however. I tell them, “This won’t hurt today, but you’re probably not going to like me tomorrow.” That’s because it takes time for the medicine to take effect. Once the beetle juice gets absorbed, the body reacts by forming a blister on top of the wart. The blister separates the wart from the surrounding tissue, and when you return for your follow up appointment, I remove that tissue so new, healthy skin can grow in its place.

You may need a few treatments of cantharone, but each application is as quick and easy as the first. Each time, it’s imperative that the area be kept dry for the first 24-48 hours, in order to give the beetle juice time to take effect. But it doesn’t take nearly as long as salicylate acid to get results, doesn’t require any poking or sticking you with sharp objects, won’t leave a painful scar like cutting it out or using the laser can potentially do, and you’re in and out of the office in minutes.

Call or email us today to schedule an appointment and see if cantharone might be the “miracle drug” that takes care of those stubborn warts once and for all! Just think…you could tell your friends that your doctor uses beetle juice to get rid of your warts!

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