Treating Your Painful Bunion

How many shoes have you had to give up because your foot doesn’t fit in them anymore from a painful bunion?  Have you reduced your exercise regimen because your bunion starts throbbing in the middle of your work-out?  Both men and women can develop a painful bunion that interferes with daily routines and impacts their activities.  Even though it may be something you’ve lived with for years, you don’t have to live with a painful bunion!
Bunions can develop for several different reasons: flat feet,high arches, ligament laxity, certain shoes and genetics can all be major players in why you developed that painful bunion in the first place.  Bunions are also unpredictable.  Some people have bunions that appear small but are very painful, while others can have a severe bunion with little to no discomfort.  Why?  Usually it is because of the body’s ability or inability to adapt to the bunion deformity.  If the body can’t compensate or adapt to the bunion, then more burning or throbbing pain will usually occur. So what can Advanced Podiatry do to help relieve your bunion pain?  We offer both conservative and surgical treatment for bunions so that we can develop the best treatment plan for you.  Remember, not all bunions are caused by the same problem and, therefore, should not be treated necessarily in the exact same manner! Conservative treatment includes padding to relieve pressure, anti-inflammatories (oral and topical) to reduce pain, and steroid injections to decrease inflammation of the joint and the surrounding soft tissue.  Surgical correction of the bunion, however, is the only true way to remove the bump and straighten the toe.  Although surgical correction of the bunion sounds frightening, most patients are surprised to learn that the post-operative course is not as bad as they expected. Regardless of the treatment, the most important part of the plan is to determine WHY you developed the bunion.  Usually it is due to the patient’s foot type or similar to those reasons that were mentioned earlier.  It is imperative to provide stabilization to the foot with a custom orthotic for patients with painful bunions in order to reduce the deforming forces that caused the bunion to develop.  By correcting these forces with custom orthotics, we are trying to prevent worsening or recurrence of the bunion. At Advanced Podiatry, we discuss all treatment options with you, as well as the pros and cons that go with each treatment plan, so you can make a responsible, educated decision and pick the plan that’s best for your lifestyle!