Tyrie Cleveland’s Ankle Sprain and Regenerative Medicine

It’s been a trying season for the Florida Gators football team. They’ve hobbled out to a 3-3 start that includes a few ugly wins with some even uglier losses. One of the few bright spots in an otherwise very gloomy season has been sophomore wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland. Despite missing the last 2 games with a severe ankle sprain, he still leads the Gators in receiving with 15 receptions and 326 yards. This includes a miracle Hail Mary touchdown catch against Tennessee that gave Florida a last second 26-20 win.

He was actually activated weeks ago in the loss against Texas A&M but his nagging right high ankle sprain made him a basic non factor. The injury bug is nothing new to the Florida Gators. In fact former Linebacker, Jarrad Davis, suffered from the same exact injury around the same time last year. We even wrote a blog about it!

Such injuries usually take time to recover so thank goodness for the Bye week. For starters, that guaranteed the Gators that they wouldn’t lose. Also it allowed our star receiver to get healthy just in time to get a beat down by the University of Georgia this coming Saturday. High ankle sprains can generally take up to a month to two months to heal. But now with advanced regenerative medicine, the road to recovery can be a lot faster.

Tyrie Cleveland is expected to play this Saturday. We need all the help we can get!

In our South Tampa office, we have a variety of alternative medical treatments at your disposal.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections uses our bodies own natural healing properties to speed up soft tissue repair.

Ozone gas injections help re-oxygenate damaged structures which delivers the nutrients it needs to heal.

Prolotherapy triggers and reactivates the body’s own immune system.

Together, the former 2 make Prolozone which is an all-natural way to get your body to do its job at a faster and more efficient rate.

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