Vitamin D Can Make You Healthy: Should you Take a Supplement?

Vitamin D helps to maintain a healthy human body. It aids in wound healing, bone health, immune functions, and even diabetes. Recently I have had patients present to the office with multiple stress fractures. Theses patients were women in their mid fifties and perform regular exercises weekly. It is possible that the stress fractures are a result of poor vitamin D levels causing the bones to be weakened.

The main source of Vitamin D is sunlight followed closely by our diet and bodily production. To attain a level of Vitamin D one would need a blood test. Once the results are calculated the doctor will choose the proper course of treatment. Serum 25-hydroxyl Vitamin D is the serum level that the doctors use to determine normal Vitamin D levels. Normal levels are between forty and seventy ng/ml. Some studies show that a runner’s performance can improve if proper levels of Vitamin D are maintained.

Our diet can be a factor in this equation as well but many foods do not supply us with enough supplementation. Back in the day kids were forced to take a spoonful of cod liver oil which is very rich in Vitamin D, but nobody wants to choke down that stuff. Vitamin D supplementation is thus the primary dietary source for us and the amount we take will be adjusted based on our blood levels.

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