What Do Your Running Shoes Say About You?

If your running shoes could talk, what would they say?  Are they tired and ready to be replaced?  I know how difficult it can be to let go of a shoe that has worked for you on so many different runs and adventures, but there is a point in time when you have to retire your old running shoes and look for a fresh new pair. Many people wonder if they are using the correct running shoes.  It’s overwhelming going to a store to try and find new running shoes and most importantly the “right” shoe for you! Myth #1 The most expensive shoe does not mean it’s the best for you!  If you go to a running shoe store where they’re only showing you the highest cost shoe…RUN!  Your running shoe may not need all the extra bells and whistles of an over-pronator shoe.  You may just need a simple neutral shoe.  Talk with your sales associate about your running routines, what your training for, and any problems you may be experiencing in the current shoe you wear. Myth #2 Pronation is bad.  No way!  It’s a normal and important part of you walk and run!  If you weren’t able to pronate, your foot wouldn’t absorb shock as well and cause a whole new set of issues to your ankles and legs.  The term “over-pronation” is commonly tossed around but…what does it mean?  Over pronation simply means you exhibit above normal pronation motion in your foot during walking or running.  People that over pronate have a flat foot type and need additional support.  If you don’t want a bulky over pronation shoe, consider getting custom orthotics which can provide more stability than what a shoe can offer without making your shoe too heavy. Myth #3 You’ve been running in the same shoe brand for the last 10 years because it’s the only brand for your foot type.  Don’t become narrow-minded, broaden your horizons.  New and improved technology is constantly being fabricated for running shoes.  Plus your foot type can change over time.  You may not be running on the same young 20 year old foot that you were before and your running shoes need to accomadate that. So if you’re still running in your shoes from 2-3 years ago, don’t be afraid to tell them to hang out in the closet.  Get’em out on a rainy day when you’re not willing to get your new shoes wet or dirty.  If you’re having problems with foot or ankle pain and can’t seem to find the shoe to help solve the problem, call Advanced Podiatry.  The doctors at Advanced Podiatry perform thorough evaluations to determine what’s causing your pain and more importantly how to resolve it!  Call 813-875-0555 for an appointment today!