What is Cryoanalgesia?

Cryoanalgesia has been known to decrease pain and inflammation for centuries. Physicians, physical therapists and sports trainers have relied on ice therapy to address many musculoskeletal conditions and injuries in particular, during the early inflammatory phase. Not only do lowered temperatures result in vasoconstriction of blood vessels, thus reducing inflammation, but also create an anesthetic effect by altering nerve function. Historically, researchers performing cryosurgery observed that extreme freezing had an anesthetic effect beyond the temporary relief produced by simple cooling. Over the last thirty years, many modalities have been introduced to address chronic pain by surgeons, pain management specialists, and neurosurgeons. These techniques have had a common goal of producing prolonged nerve blocks to relieve intractable pain. Cryosurgery has been utilized to relieve trigeminal nerve pain, lumbosacral pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Over the past 18 years, Andrea Trescot, MD has developed and refined techniques using Cryosurgery for foot, ankle and leg pain.  She is one of the foremost authorities today on Cryosurgery.  Dr. Katz has received training from Dr. Trescot and utilizes her techniques.