What is the most common injury during March Madness?

March Madness has sprung into high gear with anxiety rising higher as we get closer to the championship game for the NCAA.  With the Louisville Cardinals as the overall Number One Seed to win the tournament, they have been working with their trainers daily on after-game aches and pains to avoid injury.

One of the most common basketball foot and ankle injuries is the ankle sprain.  Most commonly the ankle is twisted inward and the ligaments that support the outiside of the ankle are either partially or fully torn.  Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment can be anything from taping or bracing the ankle with physical therapy to re-strengthen the ligaments versus surgical repair of the ligaments.

Prolotherapy is also available as a great alternative to surgery.  Using a series of injections with a natural solution consisting mostly of dextrose, the injured area is injected which stimulates the body to produce an acute healing response.  No down time required, which is ideal for athletes!

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