What Should I Expect After my Bunion Procedure?

How long is the recovery period for my bunion procedure?

Typically six to eight weeks depending upon the procedure being performed. If it is a simple bone shaving then the recovery could be only four weeks.

How much pain should I expect after surgery?

I always tell my patients that the pain varies from patient to patient. The first three days are usually the toughest and we can dampen the pain with medication. If the patient rests, elevates, and ices the limb the pain is significantly reduced. The more patient tries to walk on the foot the more pain will occur. The nicer you are to the foot the better you will feel.

When are the stitches removed?

Stitches are removed after two weeks which is the typical time it takes to heal the incision.

Will the screws or pins have to come out of my foot?

If the pins are percutaneous (visible outside the skin) then they will be removed after proper bone healing has occurred. If the fixation is internal then it can remain in the foot indefinitely. Hardware is only removed if it causes pain after the foot is completely healed.

Will I have a cast, knee scooter, or boot?

Depending on the symptoms and the type of procedure you may be required to be non-weight bearing for a short period of time. As stated above the “nicer” we are to the foot the better you will feel and heal. The more pressure we place on the foot the more symptoms can occur and possible complications. The doctor will offer options that are appropriate and agreeable with the patient to achieve the best outcome possible.

When will I be able to return to normal activities (driving)?

After complete healing of the bones occurs and no complications are evident. This is usually around six to eight weeks. Some patients can start their activities earlier but this is dependent upon proper healing and the absence of pain.

Will I have to attend physical therapy?

The doctor will base this decision upon the range of motion of the toe and also the symptoms occurring after surgery. Physical therapy can help to break up painful scarred tissue and also preserve joint range of motion of the great toe. Physical therapy can also aid in decreasing pain symptoms with electrical stimulation and other modalities.

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