Why are my feet numb?

What causes numbness in my feet?

Some of the most common causes of numbness in your feet can be due to systemic diseases that are not localized to your feet.  People with diabetes, hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases can develop neuropathy.

Neuropathy most commonly presents as burning, tingling or numbness to the feet.  Sometimes it can start in the toes and spread farther back to the ball of the foot.  Although these are the most common symptoms, patients also describe neuropathy as “feeling tightness in their skin,” “stepping on pebbles or hot coals,” “feeling hot and cold temperature changes in their feet.”

Numbness in your feet can also be caused by problems localized in your feet too.  Neuromas, entrapped nerves, cysts, varicose veins, and trauma can all cause numbness in one or both feet.  It is always important to figure out why you are getting the neuropathy, whether it is from a local or systemic problem.  Treatment plans differ dramatically between numbness caused by diabetes versus numbness from a neuroma. 

If you are experiencing numbness in your feet, call Advanced Podiatry today to schedule an appointment.  The doctors at Advanced Podiatry can help determine why the numbness is occurring and develop a treatment plan to relieve the numbness in your feet.