Why I Still Prefer Cooltouch Laser for Toenail Fungus

Even with the current lasers on the market and new lasers being introduced this summer, Cooltouch still clearly has more advanced features.
I still prefer the Cooltouch as you can rapidly and accurately treat all toenails without the use of disposable accessories used by other lasers that can increase the treatment cost by hundreds of dollars.  The Cooltouch is used on skin and nail is a modified skin.  Other lasers are reworked dental lasers.

Cooltouch offers a long track record as a company with many years of treatments and much respect from the FDA.  Other competing lasers cannot make those claims with regard to overall success.

To date I have done well over 100 CoolTouch cases and I’m seeing excellent results. I’m able to customize the treatment settings for each patients condition based on severity and other factors. And based on my research, the 1320 laser wavelength on the CoolTouch is more effective at killing fungus through temperature and photoablation. I have developed a technique to provide additional treatment success by altering treatment setting allowing for the damage of the genetic material or DNA in the fungus.

So regardless of FDA approval the CoolTouch is superior based on my research. Unlike other competing companies, Cooltouch has a long history of financial stability and the treatment is advanced with excellent support and communication. I believe that CoolTouch is truly light years ahead of its competition.

Dr. Katz is proud to offer the best, most cost effective laser toenail fungus treatments in his office in Tampa. All factors considered, the patient is getting the best treatment with the CoolTouch and they also have the advantage of Dr. Katz’s expertise with advanced technology.