Why is My Heel Pain Worse in the Morning?

Heel pain is often the most painful in the morning upon getting out of bed and after sitting for periods of time.

This occurs because the band on the bottom of the foot known as the plantar fascia becomes contracted or loose and often has cooler temperatures at rest.

When you take your first steps after rest, you may feel like you can barely walk. Some people tell me that they feel like they’ve aged 30 years!

So, the pain is intense as the foot hits the floor because the band goes from a contracted state and is now being pulled and stretched where it meets the heel bone. This pulling causes irritation of the nerves and the sensitive tissue surrounding the bone.

The pain will start to ease as the band or fascia stretches out and the temperature of the fascia starts to warm. Many people report that after 5-10 steps, they are feeling much better.

However, that may provide you with a false sense of security. You still have a significant problem and need to see a podiatrist.

Heel pain can linger and can cause much frustration. The earlier the treatment, the better.

Many of you have had heel pain treatments and continue to have pain. Here at Advanced podiatry, we have more options available to you than other podiatrists. Most podiatrists only offer surgery if typical treatments fail.

Our goal is for you to avoid surgery and we provide many advanced in-office options and procedures so that you will avoid surgery and return to your activities faster.

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