You Do Not Have to Live with Foot Pain says Tampa Foot Doctor

Do you have foot pain? Heel pain? Ankle pain?

Did you know that foot and ankle pain are not normal.  This is the foot’s way of telling YOU, get help!  Your body is made up of a complex nervous system to alert you when there is a problem.  You just have to listen.

You may be active and noticing that the ball of your foot is hurting constantly.  You get burning pain and some sharp pains, don’t you.  You’ve tried every pad known to man but still no relief.  So you call some friends and get their advice.  You even ask Google and still you have no relief.  Without care you may not only be prolonging the pain but you may now be causing damage to your foot.  You have many years ahead and you must have your feet last a lifetime.  Well this is the time to see a podiatrist.

You know how it goes and it happens to the best of us.  You feel like you’re dragging and you look in the mirror and wonder how you are going to get the weight off.  You truly want to get healthier for you and your family.  So you start your exercise program and it’s all going well until your foot and ankle decides to take center stage.  Your feet ache all over and now even your knees ache.  So you wonder to yourself, how will I ever lose weight if my feet don’t stop hurting.

You’ve been so good eating all of the right healthy foods.  healthy foodYou may even have diabetes and have been watching what you eat and bringing down your blood sugars.

Another sign to you that there is something wrong with your feet.  And you really don’t have to live with foot pain, it’s not normal.

You have ankle pain or pain on the bottom of the heel  or pain in the back of the heel.  Your co-worker tells you that its just another sign of aging.  Just try some stretches.  It might get a little better, she says! Are you going to give up that easily.  I say no. Your foot, ankle and heel pain is not normal at any age.

It’s your lucky day.  Your podiatrist is trained to treat all of these problems and help YOU take back your regular life and activities.

Pick up the phone and call Advanced Podiatry today for an immediate appointment and finally get the relief you deserve!