You don’t need surgery for ankle instability!

Do you have instability to your ankle joint because of previous ankle sprains?  Have you discussed the problem with your doctor and was told surgery is the only way to correct it?  Keep reading to see if there is a non-surgical option to consider… 

Patients that have chronic ankle sprains commonly have partially torn or fully ruptured the ligaments on the outside of the ankle causing instability to the ankle joint.  Most surgeons will tell you the only conservative treatment option is using an ankle brace for support and surgery is the only way to fix the ligaments.  If you have the time and lifestyle to be off of your foot for 6-8 weeks, then maybe surgery is right for you. 

BUT, my patients usually don’t have that option with busy families and long work hours.  Sometimes surgery is just not an option!  So do you just deal with the ankle pain or constant aggrevation of wearing an ankle brace?  No way!  There is a conservative treatment option called Prolotherapy that can help strengthen the ligaments on the side of the ankle that are usually injured from ankle sprains.

Prolotherapy is a series of injections to the ankle ligaments that help tighten them and strengthen the side of the ankle to decrease instability.  These injections are made of a dextrose solution with a small amount of anesthetic which is injected into the ligaments.  This injection reactivates a healing cascade from your body and stimulates the body to heal the area injected.  The best part is that there is virtually NO DOWN TIME!  Activity actually helps stimulate the healing cascade even more so we encourage you to stay moderately active during the treatment period.

If you’re tired of having ankle pain, in constant fear of spraining your ankle during activity or just tired of having to always wear an ankle brace, then make an appointment with Advanced Podiatry today for an evaluation of your ankle and see if Prolotherapy is right for you!