CryOzone Plus Procedure for Heel Pain and Neuroma Pain

CryOzone Plus Procedure: The most advanced treatment and healing protocols developed by Dr. Marc Katz for heel pain and neuroma pain.

As technology improves and new treatments are available, outcomes can improve significantly.  Below is the new CryOzone Plus Procedure for neuroma and heel pain relief that has been developed by Dr. Katz.  There is no other doctor that does this procedure as it was developed by Dr. Katz based on years of experience as a pioneer in treating these conditions with the most advanced technologies and treatments available.  This treatment replaces all previous treatment protocols that you may have seen in the past. The information noted below is very important and we do not make any exceptions to what is noted below. This will allow Advanced Podiatry to provide you with this unique successful treatment at a lower cost.

CryOzone Plus Procedure – Regenerative Neuroma and Heel Pain Cryo Treatment –  A natural multi-modality approach for long-term relief

What Your CryOzone Plus Treatment Includes:

CryoMax – Procedure for Healthy Nerve and Heel Tissue Regeneration – Natural  nerve and heel treatment, under ultrasound guidance, followed by regenerative medicine techniques for healing and new normal nerve growth

Pneumodissection – Natural freeing of the nerve and scar tissue from surrounding tissue utilizing ozone gas. Allows for decompression of the nerve and protects surrounding tissue from cold temperatures without any cutting

Prolozone – Regeneration and healing through use of high oxygen levels

PRP – Regeneration and healing through use of platelets and growth factors