Dry Scaling Skin

Scaly skin can most commonly be attributed to one of two things: athletes foot or dry skin. Dry, scaly skin can also cause itching and pealing. In most cases, the treatment is a easy fix. Experiencing scaly skin can be uncomfortable in shoes and even without shoes. If you are experiencing dry or scaling skin then see your doctor immediately before the condition gets worse.

Dry scaling skin that is due to a decrease in moisture in the body can lead to microscopic cracks and tears in the skin which could lead to other conditions such as fungus or viruses (warts). It is important to maintain the skins balance and prevent it from becoming too moist or too dry. If your feet sweat a lot it is important to make sure you use an antiperspirant on your feet just like you do under your arms. Anything over the counter will work, but if it doesn’t control the moisture enough your doctor can always prescribe something prescription strength. If the skin is too dry, make sure you moisturize at least twice a day. Vaseline is not a moisturizer, it’s only a seal that help keeps moisture in the skin, but does not provide any additional moisture. Make sure when purchasing something for your feet, that is specifically says for moisture. There are creams your doctor can prescribe that can help eat away at the dead tissue on your feet

If your dry scaling skin is fungus it can be treated by either topical or oral medications. Your doctor will make the diagnosis through clinical observation and may even take a biopsy in some cases and send it off to a lab to ensure that fungus is the diagnosis. The lab will typically take a week to come back with the proper diagnosis and then treatment can be started.

Sometimes other conditions can cause dry scaling skin, such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, neurodermatitis and other such things. These things can all be diagnosed by your podiatrist. If you are suffering from dry, cracked, or scaling skin, make sure you call us at 813-875-0555 today to have your feet looked at! The quick you find out what’s causing the dry skin, the quicker you can start treating. Don’t live with dry, scaling skin, call us today!