FAQ – Ankle Arthritis

Can ankle arthritis be treated conservatively, without surgery?
Ankle arthritis can be treated conservatively. There are other options beside surgery.  Ankle arthritis is a condition where the cartilage in the ankle joint becomes worn dowpic_ankle arthritisn and the bones are rubbing together causing pain.  Although medical research is studying how to regenerate cartilage in major joints such as the knee and ankle, no study has shown the actual regeneration of articular cartilage at this point in time.  Pain occurs most commonly with activity or after you’ve been resting for a long period of time.  The ankle joint may feel stiff initially and begin throbbing as the day progresses.

      Most people take anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen, Aleve, or Motrin for arthritic pain anywhere in the body including the foot, ankle, knee, and hip.  Other conservative treatment options include using an ankle brace for support, a steroid injection in the joint to alleviate inflammation, and custom orthotics to stabilize the foot and ankle in a neutral position.  More advanced conservative options include physical therapy, super-pulse laser therapy, and prolotherapy.  Most people with ankle arthritis do not need surgery, and there are plenty of standard and advanced conservative treatment options available to alleviate arthritic ankle pain.

      If you are experiencing pain in the ankle joint and you believe it could be related to arthritis, call Advanced Podiatry today at (813)875-0555 for an appointment to discuss conservative and surgical options with the doctors at Advanced Podiatry.

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