FAQ – Why do I have Pain in the Arches of my Feet?

So  Why do I have Pain in the Arches of my Feet? Painful arches are a common foot problem, but it can be caused by several different things.  It usually presents as a throbbing or stabbing pain to the bottom of the arch and hurts most with walking or exercise.  It can present in only one or both of the arches.  Having a flat foot or “fallen arches” is a very common finding in people that have arch pain.  But people with the complete opposite problem, that have a very high arch, can have arch pain as well.  Most of the time, the source of arch pain comes from certain tendons and muscles in the foot that are not working properly.  These tendons that help support the arch eventually become fatigued and cause pain as a response that they are not able to perform the work they are supposed to do.  Without treatment, these fatigued tendons can actually tear or allow the arch to fully collapse.  Custom arch supports or orthotics are made to keep the arch stabilized allowing the tendons that support the arch to work in the correct position.  If you have arch pain, flat feet or high arches, you should Call Advanced Podiatry for  an appointment!  We customize orthotics to fit your foot type and help your arch pain go away for good!