Bunion Hurt – FAQ

Why Does My Bunion Hurt??

A bunion is a prominent bone onbunion the side of the big toe joint caused by abnormal tendon/muscle balancing in the foot.  It presents with a bump on the side of the foot along with increased angulation of the big toe towards the lesser toes.   Many people experience pain from pressure on the boney prominence in shoe gear as well as irritation to a nerve that runs along the side of the foot.  If pressure continues to occur at the bunion, a fluid-filled sac called a bursa can develop causing redness, swelling and pain.    Some people can have a bunion with no symptoms, but later in life begin to develop a painful bunion.  If you are experiencing bunion pain, you should not delay knowing your treatment options from your podiatrist.  Splints, orthotics and nsaids can help provide relief; however, surgical intervention will actually correct the bunion deformity.  If you have a painful bunion, call Advanced Podiatry for an appointment to discuss your options for pain relief today!