FAQ – Child Flat Feet

Is it normal for my child to have flat feet?

Many parents get concerned about their kids having flat feet and whether or not it’s normal. Most children have flat feet when they are young, from birth to age 6 or 7 usually. As they get older they develop a normal gait and their arch will also develop with it. In-toeing is also normal in kids that are between the ages of 4-6 as they start to develop a normal gait pattern. Therefore, initially some kids may walk “knock knee” and have a flatter arch. However, some children will complain of pain in their arch or along the sides of their leg which is absolutely not normal. When children have pain associated with their flat foot condition or in-toeing gait, then you should seek medical advice. Custom insoles are a great conservative treatment that can be made for kids with flat feet that complain about pain in their arches. Contact Advanced Podiatry for further evaluation of your child flat feet pain.