FAQ – Feet Hurt In Morning

Why Do My Feet Hurt in the Morning?

A common time to experience heel pain is in the morning when you get out of bed. You may have difficulty with your first steps and then the pain may slowly ease. When the heel problem becomes more severe, it may take much more walking and time for your heel pain to ease.faq_pic_feet_hurt_morning

Most heel pain comes from a band on the bottom of the foot known as the plantar fascia. This band supports your foot and arch. While sleeping or sitting, the band contracts and cools down. So when you step out of bed the contracted fascia band pulls hard against your heel bone. As you stretch out the band and your foot warms, the pain starts to decrease. The actual pain is from swelling of the fascia band where it attaches to the heel. There are also surrounding nerves that produce the pain.

Common treatments include ice, stretches, anti-inflammatories and arch supports or orthotics. Advanced treatments include EPAT or shockwave therapy.

If you live in Tampa and have heel pain, contact our Podiatry office for an appointment, often same day. As your foot doctor, he will provide you with basic and advanced treatment options.