FAQ – Fungus Spread

Can fungus spread to other toes

A fungal infection can present on the skin or the toenails, but they differ in appearance on exam.  A fungal skin infection, or athlete’s foot, can present as dry scaling skin to the bottom of the foot and/or between the toes.  It can also present as small blisters with burning and redness as well.  Toenail fungus causes thickening of the nail as well as a yellowish, brown or white discoloration and causes debris underneath the nail.  If an infection starts on the skin or in one of the toenails, it can spread to the other nails if it is not treated properly.  Topical antifungal creams help treat skin infections, and nail fungal infections are best treated with a combination of topical or oral antifungals and laser therapy.  If you have signs of either athletes’ foot or fungal nails, don’t wait to get treatment.  Call Advanced Podiatry for treatment today!