FAQ – Are These Bumps on the Top of My Toes Hammertoes?

Many people ask, “What are these bumps on the top of my toes?” These are an enlargement of the bone known as a hammertoe. A hammertoe is contracture of a toe at the joint. Hammertoes can cause pain at the ball of the foot or along the top of the contracted joint due to abnormal pressure. Hard skin can form on the tops of tpic_hammertoehese bumps and they are known as corns.

Conservative treatment usually involves padding to alleviate pressure from the area or getting extra depth shoes to accommodate the contracture. Surgical treatment involves either removing a piece of bone from the joint or a much simpler procedure of releasing the tendon in the office to allow the toe to straighten.

If you have painful hammertoes and would like to discuss treatment options, call Advanced Podiatry to discuss treatment options with our doctors.


Hammertoe Video