FAQ – Peroneal Tendon

Why do I feel a clicking on the outside of my ankle?

There are two major tendons on the outside of the ankle that primarily raise the foot up and out in normal walking patterns called the peroneal tendon.  If the soft tissue structures that hold these tendons in place have become damage from injury (ankle sprain) or are stretched out from the way your walk (flat feet), then the peroneal tendons can actually move out of the groove they normally sit in behind the outside ankle bone called the fibula.  When these pic_peroneal_tendontendons slip over the ankle bone, it can create a “popping” sound or cause intense burning to the side of the ankle that can even radiate up the leg.

If you notice a popping sensation such as this, do not wait to see a podiatrist.  The constant popping over the bone can cause the tendon to become weaker and more prone to injury.

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