FAQ – Runner Ball

Why is the ball of my foot hurting after I increased my running time?

This is a common question with runners who are training for 10Ks and Marathons.  Many runners can run a certain amount of time before they begin to experience any significant pain in their feet.  Because of the shortened heel strike and increased time spent on the ball of the foot during a typical running pattern, it is common to increase stress to the joints and soft tissue on the ball of the foot.  This stress can cause inflammation to the tissue surrounding the joints which is called capsulitis.

Depending on your foot type, pain is most commonly localized to the bottom of the big toe joint or the second toe joint.  If runners continue to “push through” this pain during their run, not only can they develop capsulitis, but they can also develop arthritis which is permanent damage to the joint.  That’s why it is so important to have the right shoes and orthotics to prepare for these types of races and prevent these injuries.

Orthotics are on the “must have” list for runners.  Orthotics allow your foot to function in the best position.  They alleviate abnormal pressure points and stresses to the foot, and allow you to perform to your highest level of competition.  If you are experiencing pain in the runner ball of your foot while training for long distance races, don’t wait to seek treatment.

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