FAQ – Toenail Polish Fungus

Does toenail polish cause fungus?

Toenail polish alone does not cause fungal infections; however, leaving toenail polish on for long periods of time (weeks, months) can make it difficult to know if a fungus has infected the nail.  In early stages of fungal infections, the nail may appear only discolored (brown, white or yellow).  If you are unable to observe what the nail looks like for weeks or months, a fungus can infect the nail without you knowing it and continue to grow.

Once the fungus infects the nail, it will cause discoloration, thickening and loosening of the nail plate.  If you are trying to treat a nail that has a fungal infection with topical treatments, the treatments are much more ineffective if you do not take the toenail polish off.  Topical treatments cannot penetrate the nail plate properly to treat the infected skin underneath the toenail if you are wearing toenail polish.  In most cases, an additional treatment such as oral anti-fungal medication or laser toenail therapy needs to be added to using topical anti-fungal treatment for the most effective results.

If you or someone you know has toenail fungus that needs treatment, call Advanced Podiatry today for a consultation on how to treat fungal infections with the doctors at Advanced Podiatry.

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